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Energize Colorado Gap Fund Applications Open Now

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

The Energize Colorado Gap Fund will provide more than $25M in small business loans and grants to boost small business enterprises that are the economic engines throughout the state. Sole proprietors, businesses, and nonprofits with less than 25 full-time employees can apply for up to a $15,000 grant and a $20,000 loan for a possible combined total of $35,000 in financial assistance. Learn more about the Gap Fund program here:

Energize Colorado is a Colorado nonprofit, launched recently to help the state’s entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nonprofits recover and rise from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Founded on the principal of Coloradans helping Coloradans, Energize Colorado provides free tools, resources, and programs to revive and invigorate our economy.

To learn more about the Gap Fund and the application process, here are some helpful resources: 1. See this 1-hour webinar to understand who is eligible, the application timeline and process, the amount of funding available, what could disqualify applicants, help available, and what reporting requirements businesses will be asked to complete if you receive a grant or a loan. Youtube Link >>

2. Gap Fund Technical Assistance is now available to answer simple questions through the Energize Colorado website! It can help businesses prepare documentation. Call 1-800-471-0628 (Mon-Fri 6am to 8pm MST and Sat-Sun 6am to 3pm MST) or e-mail

3. For more information, visit the Energize Colorado Frequently Asked Questions page.

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