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Community Economic Vitality

Drawing on two decades of economic development leadership in the dynamic Boulder, Colorado, entrepreneurial ecosystem, First Flatiron Consulting specializes in community economic vitality planning and management. Our firm serves economic development organizations, consulting firms with economic development clientele, educational institutions, professional associations, and entrepreneurs.

What is community economic vitality?

It’s fundamentally about people and place. It’s about the vitality of people who live and work in a community.  And it’s about the quality of place – the environment and culture, schools and healthcare, businesses and industries, housing, mobility, recreation, and more – that inspires people to pursue their aspirations. 


Economic vitality programs build on the strengths of a community, commonly focusing on essential priorities: nurturing the talents of people whose skills and networks fuel economies; reinforcing the ecosystems that power innovation, entrepreneurship, new ventures, and entire sectors; advocating for the businesses and industries that drive the economy; and among other important priorities, cultivating leadership dedicated to sustaining the unique vitality of a community over time.


First Flatiron Consulting looks forward to talking with you about the qualities of your community and how we can assist in optimizing its economic vitality.

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