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Brookings Introduces COVID-19 Metro Recovery Watch & Index

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Brookings’ COVID-19 Metro Recovery Watch is intended to “inform local and state recovery strategies from COVID-19’s historic economic impacts in ways that link near term resilience to longer-term economic transformation, racial equity, and economic inclusion.”

As presented on Brookings’ website, the project features three key elements:

This interactive dataset presents a variety of recent, updated data to provide a picture of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis for very large (e.g. Denver), large, and midsized (e.g. Boulder) metro areas across the country. The indices track the labor market, the real estate market, and other areas of economic activity. For the Denver-Boulder region, comparative strengths include air passenger traffic and residential listing prices, while weaknesses are declining trips to workplaces, increasing retail vacancies, and declining multifamily rents.

This series of essays offers promising recovery responses for local and state leaders to support job creation and quality business growth, advance job preparation and wage gains, and invest in vibrant, connected communities – all while advancing racial inclusion. Example ideas include: enhancing industry advancement services to generate quality jobs; building racial equity in tech ecosystems to spur recovery; and supporting COVID-19’s displaced workers with applied learning opportunities, career coaching, and support services such as child care.

This series of case studies, informed by Brookings’ local partners, provides information on novel or promising approaches, practices, and policies that can set the stage for a more equitable COVID-19 economic recovery and for longer-run inclusive economic growth.

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